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Simplot's Animal Sciences team uses an innovative approach to provide advanced reproductive solutions for beef and dairy cattle producers to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability in a changing market.

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Combining extensive experience in agribusiness with the latest in reproductive solutions, the Animal Sciences team developed the innovative SimVitro™-branded platform for improving genetics and reproductive efficiency in dairy and beef cattle.

SimVitro embryos have a wide variety of applications, offering a versatile and economic solution for beef and dairy cattle producers

These embryos can help users:

  • Change the economic value of the calf
  • Improve pregnancy rates in stressed and repeat breeder cattle
  • Change herd genetics in just one generation
  • Provide a breeding solution for crossbred cows
  • Reduce dystocia due to birth weight in heifers
  • Break into new markets
  • Better managed heifer inventories
  • Discover solutions to out-perform dairy x beef crossbreds


By grouping all oocytes from one breed together for fertilization, we can produce and freeze large volumes of embryos. SimVitro embryos are less expensive and easier to use compared to traditional IVF embryos thanks to this technology.


Our innovative method allows producers to transition to different breeds more quickly than previously possible. For instance, SimVitro embryos can be used to transition from Holstein to Jersey cows in just one generation. With Artificial Insemination (A.I.), it would take five generations to produce Jersey cows that are still 1/32 Holstein.


Using our proprietary approach, we can produce a variety of SimVitro embryos, including Jersey, Holstein and beef.


a new approach to beef

SimVitro® HerdFlex™

full-beef embryos
consistently meet herd goals

SimVitro® HerdBuilder™

flexible, tiered pricing

Efficiency, productivity, and profitability in a changing market.

Learn how we deliver advanced reproductive solutions for beef and dairy cattle producers.
Diagram of how SimVitro Embryos work

Innovation in Action

To better understand how SimVitro™ embryos can help you, it is important to be familiar with the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process.


IVF is the method of fertilizing oocytes collected from donor cows with semen in a laboratory setting. Typically oocytes are collected from donor cows using ovum pick-up on cows in production.


The collected oocytes are then fertilized with superior semen in the laboratory. This process enables embryo production at an efficiency that had previously not been possible.

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